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When living in South Florida, windows become a top priority for homeowners. Without them, your house is at risk from severe weather patterns and high insurance premiums. But South Florida Windows direct, and save big time. 

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100% Financing- No Payments For Up To 18 Months.

How can you know that the windows you buy will be enough? The best way to save more on your replacement windows is to hire us first.

At South Florida Window Factory, we offer the best windows at low costs. Enjoy factory direct products and 100% financing available in-house every day.

What’s even better is that you pay nothing for 18 months, because that’s how we treat family. See the difference our family-owned and contractor-operated business makes for your home today.

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We know replacing the windows in your home can be overwhelming for the budget. That’s why we offer 100% financing with no money down. The money you will save in insurance premiums and energy bills will be worth the investment. 

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The Best South Florida Windows

Each year, our coast has more and more hurricanes threatening our properties. While you can't stop a Cat 5, you can mitigate your risks. The right selection of storm-resistant glass products can offer a lot of protection. By simply preventing intense wind and rain from entering, your place stays safer. We carry a variety of affordable windows to help protect your home. Contact us now for all of your replacement glass windows, such as:

South Florida Windows

Impact Resistant Windows

The right impact-resistant windows can withstand winds of up to 200 MPH. Even a Category 5 storm struggles to become powerful enough to destroy them.

They have a protective inner layer, so even initial punctures are stopped. Keep your home safer from flying debris and projectiles with improved impact resistance.

Hurricane Windows

When nothing but the best will do, you need hurricane windows installed. These glass products are made specifically to withstand severe weather.
While they may not offer as many insulating properties, they do provide a lot of defense. Prevent storm damage from finding its way indoors and contact us now.

Installations for Storm Windows
Any window becomes storm-resistant with a secondary pane that is installed in front of it. That way, wind, hail, and debris have to pierce through even further. Storm windows need experienced glass contractors to install them correctly on every job. We guarantee that you won’t find a more dedicated group around than ours.
South Florida Windows Replacement Services

Did you know that replacing your builder-grade glass products can lower your insurance premiums? When your home can withstand severe weather better, it costs less to repair.

However, not all windows will qualify, and their impact ratings matter the most. Make sure your adjuster offers the highest discounts possible and contact us today.

South Florida Windows

Wholesale South Florida Windows

When you need the best price possible, you need wholesale windows. These factory-direct products offer affordable solutions for all South Florida homes. Combined with our 100% financing options and you get a cost that can’t be beat. Forget about the other guys and choose the best contractors around.

Horizontal Windows Miami, FL

For some homeowners, horizontal windows are easier to open than traditional ones. Because they slide sideways, there is less pressure on your lower back. These windows are offered in both single and double sash options as well. Whatever your preference, you can count on us at South Florida Window Factory.
Vertical Window Installations
Even though they are the default choice, vertical windows have many options. You can enjoy casement windows, single-hung, or double-hung glass products as well. Even crank-powered windows are fashionable these days, offering plenty of charm. No matter which vertical windows are the best choice, we install them all.
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When you need durable windows at the right price, you come to us. All of our products are factory-direct, cutting out the middleman and passing the savings to you.

Why buy from anyone else when we always treat you like family? Get the windows your home deserves without paying too much.

What Makes Florida Windows Storm-Resistant?

All windows offer some protection, but not all are storm-resistant. Those with thinner panes of glass will break easily from debris or even pressure.

A storm-resistant window utilizes both additional glass and metal frames. That makes these products not only durable but better secured as well.
As a result, it takes far more pressure to break through the glass. Even if something does, there are several more layers to get through.

In the end, you’ll have less damage, and the elements continue to stay outside. Prevent harm from happening to your home, and contact us for the best windows around.

The Best South Florida Windows Near Me

You never know when Mother Nature will start roughing up the coast. Each year, more and more severe storms cause tons of property damage. When you call a cheap service provider, your job only takes longer. That is because they schlep thousands of pounds of glass, so their commute takes forever. Why not choose the contractors that South Florida has trusted for over 20 years? Contact us for affordable replacement windows near your neighborhood, such as:
Our contractors always offer quick and cost-friendly solutions for your home. Choose the best replacement windows around and choose our company today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Window is Best for My Home?

If there is ever a state to fuss over windows, it’s ours. We see tornadoes, hurricanes, tropical storms, and other severe weather events.

Unfortunately, builder-grade windows are no match for even typical summer thunderstorms. You have many choices for replacement products, but some offer better protection than others.

Double-pane, or “low e” glass enhances your property’s insulation but doesn’t improve its durability. Impact, storm, and hurricane windows will provide increasingly better protection.

While not all products will be the best option, we can help you decide. Make sure you give your South Florida home the best protection possible today.

How Long Do Windows Last in Florida?

Keeping up with maintenance in South Florida means anticipating upcoming replacement costs.

Unfortunately, it can feel as though everything breaks down at the same time.
In our area where storms are prevalent, you might get 15 years from your initial windows. That is assuming that hurricane season is light every year.

Instead, many homeowners in the area have broken glass much sooner than that. Replacing your single-pane windows with improved resistance helps keep them safer for longer.

When you need to get the most from your glass products, you need ours. Hire us now to swap out broken windows and ineffective panes.

Can I Install Windows Without Contractors?

Some people will brag about how they turned their window job into a DIY project. While they may have pulled it off, it’s likely not the case.

There is a lot more to swapping out windows than the physical work. When you only replace the glass, the job does go faster.

However, once the frame is in bad shape, things get complicated rather quickly. Without the right tools, know-how, or patience, it will quickly start to leak.

Why not have your windows installed correctly on the first try? Hire our contractors today and keep your job both fast and affordable.

What Other Benefits Can I Anticipate from My Windows?

In addition to better storm protection, new glass windows have other benefits. One of the most notable are significant utility savings through improved insulation.

Secondary glass panes create a barrier that prevents air from escaping. It creates a cushion against natural heat transfer to keep controlled temperatures more even.

You will also see a reduction in noise pollution while you enjoy watching tv. Less road noise and ambient sounds create a more peaceful home.

When your home remains more comfortable, you run your HVAC system less as well. See the difference our quality replacement windows make for your South Florida home.

Why Hire Us for Your Window Replacement Needs?

When you need your windows replaced, you have many options in service providers. Why should you choose ours to keep your home safer?

For over two decades, our contractors continue keeping local area residents better protected. We treat our customers like family, so you only receive the best care possible.

That attitude extends beyond our service, but in delivering your lowest prices possible. Not only is every window factory direct, but you can skip payments for 18 months.

If you’re tired of high prices and sloppy service, forget about the rest. Take advantage of our 100% financing and keep your job affordable.

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It doesn’t take long before you have cracked windows and broken glass. However, you don’t have to wait until Mother Nature breaks something first. Contact us for affordable new glass windows that offer superior protection every year. See why South Florida Window Factory is your trusted choice in Miami.